The systems was installed and comissioned in Oktober 2020, designed to handle the plastic containers with barcode label on the short side leading coming from 3 floor of the picking stations to be merged into level 2 and sorted automatically based on the barcode label designation. Capacity 2500 containers/hour troughput, with smart modular MCP conveyor from Interroll to save the energy by using the powerfull Interroll 24 Volt DC roller drive and smart multi control. Video was taken 1 year ahead after comissioning and hand over

Table Top Chain conveyor systems to handle finish good products as well as the empty box completed with automation systems and HMI control panel to allow easy maintenance and trouble shooting.. No pneumatic systems involved, all designed and controlled electronically (thanks to Interroll multi control technology)
Another INTERROLL MCP Platform was installed in one of the Multinational company to handle a very challenging project to replace old roller conveyor with new conveyor within 2 days for every single line. In total we spend 2×3 weekend to finish the job and successfully handed over to end user smoothly
This is the collage of our teams installation on various project sites